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You are Karen Eliot!


Since I am open to share my identity with anyone, you may of course use my Facebook and Google account:


karen eliot




It's not about hiding, it's about opening my work and ideas to the public. One artist won't ever be able to show all possible views on the subject. I want diversity, not singularity.


No, the problem is individualism. We think we have to be unique and ingenious to create good artworks. Intellectual property doesn't exist at all, because every new idea is built upon others. In general I would like to achieve more collaboration and less competition.


You can't ever know, but - again - it's not about the author, it's all about the content.


No, but maybe the other Karens do.


I don't sell art. I think art has to be independent from any market. Only art can be the counter balance to the massive advertising machine we live in.


I create cyber sex toys for Second Life.





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