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The Internet, a Tool for Art?



Democracy and Freedom of Opinion


To be honest, I somehow was afraid to finish this chapter. I was afraid to write about hope, even afraid to use the word "democracy" at all. Because I thought I would also have to write about repression and censorship on and on. About the Arab Spring being manipulated, driven by "western tools", such as twitter or facebook. I was afraid to be forced to always say "theoretically yes, but...", to be sceptic, to negate all I work for in the end - the internet as a tool for real democracy. But this fear was stupid. Instead of keeping it "scientific" or "analytic", I state the following, which is my personal truth:

If you have read all the other articles of this thesis you have been taught that reality is what we think it is. Reality is what we can imagine it to be. So, if we think that there is no alternative, there really IS no alternative. But if I say "There is an alternative.", if I say "Yes, real democracy is possible." - then it really IS possible. And it works like this:




Reality is what You do. Democracy is what You do.

Imagine a prisoner sitting in a cell in the panopticon. The cell is light flooded through a big window with grates on one side. The cell of the door also only is made of grates, and this prisoner is being watched by all the other prisoners, by guards (probably) and also by security cameras. He is somehow in the spotlight. Now imagine this prisoner having artistic attitudes. He might be an actor in a huge theater and consider his cell a stage. He might speak to the people, everyone is watching and the whole show is even broadcasted by the cameras:


(Zizek speaking at Occupy Wall Street, October 2011)


Or imagine the prisoner considers herself a painter. Then those grey walls aren't restricting her anymore. She will find that every concrete wall surrounding her is an empty canvas. A canvas to paint on, a space for saying NO and developing new ideas. The panopticon might become a huge art gallery:

posters of the 99%

This is real. All those posters are made by anonymous prisoners in a panoptic system.

Imagine the prisoner considers himself a writer.

Imagine the prisoner considers himself a detective.

Imagine the prisoner considers himself a journalist.

Imagine the prisoner considers himself a movie director.

Imagine the prisoner considers himself a lawyer.

Imagine the prisoner considers himself a scientist.

Imagine the prisoner considers himself a social worker.

Imagine the prisoner considers himself a brick layer.

Imagine the prisoner considers himself a politician.


Imagine the prisoner being you.




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