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You Are Special!

Facebook and the Media Tribunal


What has the "Like"-button to do with American Idol?

The resource "human" is supposed to function, better than others, highest value has, who is best. The best can become rich and famous. Loved. TV channels show one castingshow after another and people are glued to the television.

As a matter of course we judge and condemn while sitting on our cozy sofas. Also watching others fail secretly makes us feel good, or better at least...Our criteria aren't only related to the candidate's performances, but also to "who has more friends and fans?", "is the person single or in a relationship?", "what kind of clothes is he/she wearing?", and many other social aspects. Based on this we all are being ranked, every day, without even realizing it. And every day we push the "Like"-Button.




We push "Like" and we get "Like" - this way we know what we should be "like". The French philosopher Michel Foucault once said, that we wouldn't even need the prison walls anymore, that the prison would be everywhere. Disciplinary action is driven by one another and perfectly integrated as part of our society. On Facebook.

In this piece this system has been played with by organizing castingshows on the internet: Over advertisements on Facebook users are invoked to explain what they think is special about themselves - for instance special skills or looks... They are invited to post comments on the wall of a Facebook page, starting with the words "I am special because...". Different from usual casting shows the participants are asked to just tell the viewer what is special about them, not show it. In this way I suppose they have to think about themselves and reflect on the whole issue, what it means to be "special". Users rate eachother by clicking the "Like"-button. The participant with the most "Like"-clicks will receive a prize:

you are special

Referring to the art scene, since I am very special because i'm an artist.

Click here to go to the Facebook Page!

Nobody knows, who will win.

Nobody knows, what it will look like at the end.

This is a just a possible set up:

set up art cologne you are special

(The red cube is a spaceholder for the winner's artwork, of course.)


Some Background Information:

Using Targeted Advertising

For promoting the contests Targeted Advertising on Facebook is used. This is a type of advertising whereby advertisements are placed so as to reach consumers based on various traits such as demographics, purchase history, or observed behavior. Facebook as an economic surveillance system saves any activities of its users and offers merchants very detailed options to select the type of consumer the ads will be shown to. In my case for instance everyone who has ever talked about "American Idol" will see the advertisements.


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